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new job

first step to implement plans

job offers in Poland and abroad

new job

first step to implement plans

job offers in Poland and abroad

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Recruitment stages

You can expect the following order:

  1. You contact us in person or by phone.
  2. We answer all your questions and present initial job offers most suitable for you, while you receive a registration form from us.
  3. You register and send the form to us.
  4. You choose the offer that best suits you.
  5. You wait for the confirmation; it usually takes up to two working days.
  6. We sign a contract with you and organise your departure.

You can also send your application via the online form; we will contact you , at the latest on the next working day, suggesting several job offers for you to choose from.

I do not know the language. Is this a problem?

Not for us. Every week, we have dozens of offers, including jobs for people without command of a foreign language. Motivation and willingness are what counts!
Check for yourself.

You have no CV? No problem.

When you apply to us, you do not have to have a CV. We will make sure that you receive a form from us that you will only have to fill out and return to us.

Work in Germany

Since the beginning of time, people have been emigrating abroad, mainly to find work. AB Job Service offers work in Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden. Agency’s job offers include not only work for caretakers, work in production, but also jobs in warehouses, involving fruit picking, on construction sites and on other positions. Many of the jobs also offer accommodation. Knowledge of a foreign language is not always required.


One of the options whose popularity has been steadily growing is seasonal work in Germany that gives an opportunity to earn additional money. Seasonal work is chosen mainly by young people and students as well as people who are suddenly in need of cash. It is worth noting that work in Germany can have many different forms, and that some employers can offer accommodation and engage a person who does not speak the language. AB Job Service often receives job offers from Germany that do not require command of the language and are available immediately to both women and men. We also have jobs for middle-aged people, also for 40+ women. What really counts is the willingness to work, motivation and commitment to the duties entrusted. We quickly inform all interested parties of every form of collaboration.

If you are interested in working in Germany (warehouse, production, construction site, fruit or vegetable picking, seasonal work), contact AB Job Service Polska now or visit us at one of our offices, e.g. in Opole!

Work in the Netherlands

Currently, the Netherlands is the most frequently chosen destination for those seeking work abroad. This is a small country that offers huge opportunities. AB Job Service offers jobs in the Netherlands available immediately that do not require command of the language. We also have jobs for English speakers, depending on the position.


Simply contact us by phone or visit us one of our offices, e.g. in Lublin, Opole or Kielce. Our consultants will prepare numerous job offers abroad that do not require command of the foreign languages. In the case of jobs in the Netherlands, we very often recruit CE category drivers and people who are looking for seasonal work with fruit and vegetable picking, in warehouses or in production. Job offers in the Netherlands are diverse; however, seasonal work is among the most popular ones as it gives an opportunity to earn additional money for practically everyone: both young people and people who have experience gained in Poland.

Jobs for couples in the Netherlands are particularly popular; they enable couples to leave Poland to work and live together, and to perform similar duties.

If you are interested in working abroad, working in the Netherlands without command of the language, or starting the work immediately, contact AB Job Service now. Also, check our job offers in Germany and Poland.

Work in Poland

We are an employment agency, so we also have job offers from Poland. To see all the offers, visit our offices in Lublin, Opole, Bydgoszcz or Kielce. You can also contact us by phone; during the call, our consultant will answer all your questions and offer an appropriate position. However, if you like a specific job offer in Poland available on our website, apply for the position today!


Employment agency Lublin-Opole-Kielce-Bydgoszcz has both white-collar and blue-collar job offers. The offers are updated on an ongoing basis, so that only active offers are always displayed on the website. Everyone can find a job abroad and their dream position in Poland, e.g. in a recruitment department, in the IT industry, medical industry, on a construction site, as a driver, in production with vegetables or fruit, and on many other positions.

Contact our employment agency Lublin-Opole-Kielce-Bydgoszcz AB Job Service Polska. We keep you informed about new offers, help you with all formalities, and ensure everything is handled at the top-notch level.

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