Before you go

Useful information to help you prepare before you go:

  • If you go abroad with our agency, you will receive assistance in organising your departure from Poland to the Netherlands (booking a place with a transport company, forwarding the address of your destination – the accommodation address).
  • You can also go by your car.

Checklist – what to take with you?


  • If you have SOFI/BSN, you will receive your first payment at the end of the second week of work, so take enough money and food with you for that period
  • If this is your first time and you do not have SOFI/BSN yet, you will receive your first payment only once you have the number. Therefore, be sure to take enough food and money with you for the first weeks of your stay in the Netherlands
  • Our offices in Poland will provide details on how to obtain SOFI/BSN.

Remember to take the following with you as well:

  • valid identity document (valid at least 3 months after the date of departure),
  • SOFI/ BSN certificate (if you have one),
  • driving licence (if you have one),
  • bank card to your bank account,
  • kitchen utensils – cutlery, a mug, a plate, etc.,
  • work clothing,
  • solid work boots,
  • rubber boots and sturdy rainwear (for work outdoors),
  • bedclothes: 2 sheets, duvet/blanket cover or a sleeping bag.

First day in the Netherlands

  • Upon arrival at the address provided by us, you will receive information regarding the following:
    – start of work,
    – means of transport by which you will commute from the place of residence to the place of work. There are two options: by bike (for distances up to 10 km) or by company car (if you have previously agreed to ride a car). In both cases, you will receive the route guidance. Most cars are equipped with a navigation system,
    – rules applicable in the place of residence; the coordinator will provide you with your employment contract.
  • The first day at work is very important. Be on time and do your job diligently. Show how highly motivated you are.