Our team

Our Team consists of creative and passionate people for whom a positive attitude enabling to build relationships with customers is the priority. Thanks to the individual approach to both candidates and employers, we keep both parties happy. Our professionalism and commitment to the work we perform means that we can proudly talk about our long-term and well-established position on the market.

Branch Office Managers/Recruitment Specialists
They comprise a team of professionals associated with the labour market that have been supporting both employers and people seeking employment for many years. Managers/Specialists are directly responsible for the preparation and implementation of each project. Thanks to our commitment, flexibility and responsibility for the actions taken, and because we ensure the smooth and top-notch collaboration, we guarantee mutual satisfaction.

Support at our office
Thanks to everyday practice with the use of appropriate methods and techniques, Younger Specialists and Recruitment Assistants effectively support the team of Specialists in their recruitment operations. An important role is also played by people responsible for HR and payroll who ensure that formal and legal issues are handled in the right way.

Meet the people working for your success:

Branch Office in Bydgoszcz

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