About us

We are a Polish employment agency trading as AB Job Service Polska Sp. z o.o. We hold certificate no. 5971 granted by the Polish Ministry of the Economy and Labour.

We have been operating on the Polish market since 2000, initially through a network of representative offices of the Dutch parent company and currently also via a network of our own branches (in Kielce, Lublin, Bydgoszcz and Opole).

Our dynamic and effective activity on the Polish and foreign markets guarantees the continued development of our company.

Our customers trust us and build their teams with our support. We are proud that the companies we have had an opportunity to assist with our knowledge, skills and resources are growing, and that we can be a part of it.

Thousands of people have found or changed their jobs, and we hope this has positively affected their professional development.

We are a member of the Nationwide Convent of Employment Agencies (OKAP).