Work in logistics

The Netherlands is not only greenhouses, but also jobs in Dutch logistics centres.

Poles who decide to go to the Netherlands can nowadays choose from many job offers. They find employment not only on fruit plantations or in greenhouses, but also in logistics centres.

It is here, in the Netherlands, where warehouses of many well-known and lesser-known companies are situated, e.g.: Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, Dell, Action, Albert Hein or Koopman store chain warehouses, and warehouses of local companies..

AB Job Service Polska Sp. z o.o. collaborates with many companies from the logistics industry, situated throughout the Netherlands. Our workers are engaged in modern logistic centres, warehouses of production companies, DIY stores, garden centres, wholesalers and supermarkets.

Join the group of people who work in logistics.
Are you energetic, well-organised, flexible and eager to work?
We are looking for someone like you

What can you do/what functions can you perform?
We have prepared a few offers for you:

  • Order picker – > ability of correct counting will be your advantage
  • Unloading and loading of containers – > your accuracy and teamwork skills will be important here
  • Forklift operator –> there are various types of machine: high bay forklifts, reach trucks, pull trucks and lifting trucks. The most important issue is the licence. Apart from licences, at least six-month practical experience in forklift operation is also important.







Would you like to work on one of the above-listed positions? Contact us. We will try to adjust our offer to your expectations.

What you need to know:

  • Jobs in the logistics industry are offered to both women and men. Gender does not matter. You, your motivation and willingness are what counts.
  • The basic command of English is sufficient for you to be able to communicate with your superior. We do not overstate the level.
  • Work in logistics = work for a longer time. The longer the period of your availability, the better.
  • Most warehouses operate in 2- or 3-shift mode. If you are ready to accept shift work, you show your employer you really want the job.

By choosing us, you benefit from:

  • legal job – everything is documented in writing
  • stable employment in a single company – before you go, we will provide you with complete information about the company to which we post you
  • guaranteed working time
  • attractive salary + bonuses/allowances
  • possibility to specialise in selected logistics departments – you can start working without previous experience in logistics.
    It is up to you to use the opportunity and develop your skills. If you show commitment and patience, you can become a master in what you do.

Have we convinced you with our arguments? Or are you still in doubt? Both reactions are normal.
We will answer all your questions. After all, this is what we are here for 😊
Contact us or APPLY.