Settle tax

Have you worked in the Netherlands? Get a tax refund.

If you have worked in the Netherlands on a legal basis, you have certainly received Jaaropgaaf from your employer. This document will help you get a tax refund.

We will do our best to maximise the amount of the refund and you will only pay once for everything.
The tax settlement fee is EUR 40. You decide whether you want to receive the refund on your foreign currency or PLN account.

At AB Job Service, this is a simple procedure:

1. Contact us – by phone/email/personally
2. Collect all required documents
3. Send them to us and wait for your refund.

We act faster than our competitors because we transfer all your documents right away to the Netherlands.

We want to ensure your refund reaches you as soon as possible! 😊

We also provide assistance in obtaining allowances and benefits, i.e. the insurance allowance and the family allowance.

Questions? Contact our offices: