How may we help you?

    In the era of constant economic development and due to the current situation on the labour market, we see:

    • the lowest unemployment rate in years and increasing difficulties in finding motivated candidates for work,
    • an increase in salaries and development of non-salary benefits,
    • and high rotation on various positions.

    Thus, companies find it increasingly difficult to find appropriate workers. This is indeed a difficult situation, but not one that is impossible to handle.

    AB Job Service Polska will be happy to take up the challenge and help you find the workers you need.

    We are an experienced employment agency, and have been operating on the market for 13 years. Our team consists of people who have relevant knowledge, are committed to their work, and think outside the box.

    Our customers are Polish and foreign companies. We recruit workers from such industries as administration, logistics, production or horticulture.

    We support companies in terms of:

    • temporary employment,
    • personnel consultancy (permanent recruitment),
    • payroll,
    • headhunting.

    You cannot change the world,
    but you can find a better business partner!

    Why choose us?

    Updating the database is not only an empty phrase: recruitment 5 days a week/8 hours a day enables us to update the database and, therefore, we respond to customers’ needs as quickly and as efficiently as possible in terms of quality of presented candidates.

    Database and short time of response: our database includes about 80,000 candidates from Poland. In our work with each customer, we recruit workers in accordance with its needs, even during the period of full employment, so that we can quickly respond in the case of a sudden need. Work with an agency you can rely on. Not yet convinced? Try and see for yourself.

    Quality: due to many years of experience of our team, we effectively reach people with just the right qualifications. Our candidates are not picked at random, but carefully selected.

    Openness: we are open to collaboration with every customer from such industries as administration, logistics, production or horticulture. The size of your company makes no difference to us. Whether you are a micro-, mini- or macro-enterprise, let us talk about the possibilities.

    Directness: the direct contact with customers is our great asset. Regular visits at customer’s headquarters are an integral part of our collaboration with you. This is the only way we can get to know our customer’s expectations and meet its needs in terms of worker selection. If you are looking for an agency whose presence is not only visible on paper, but also next to you, use our services.


    Recruitment Specialists from our offices in Lublin, Opole, Kielce and Bydgoszcz will be happy to help.
    Contact us. We will answer all your questions.

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